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Dear Rachel,
by: Celine

I know what you are going through. I felt the same when I had to let Mitsou go... 10 years ago, when she was 18 years old (The Silver Ring). It is the most difficult decision I ever had to make. It takes a lot of courage for this last gesture of love. It means that you choose to suffer, so that he or she will no longer suffer. Take care of yourself and please don't feel guilty for being sad. Give yourself the right to feel your loss and to live every step of your grieving, even if some people disapprove - they don't understand. Love is love, be it for humans or animals, it comes from the same source, your heart and soul. It is sacred.

My warmest regards.

Céline xx

Thank you
by: Rachel

Thank yor for the comments. I am sorry that you are both suffering as I am. The void these little ones have left is so huge. I hope they feel all of our love up in heaven.

I will pray that the both of you find comfort.


Your little bear
by: jean

My heart goes out to you, as I lost my sweet little hooded rat a couple of months ago, he suffered a stroke and was left paralyzised in his back legs, but still he would look for me and chatter to me as I nursed him, he looked forward to his banana and would snuggle up on my knee in his red fleecy blanket.
I came in from work one night and my daughter told me Rolo had been having fits, so I took up into my bedroom wrapped his poor frail body in his fleece and rocked him, I told him it was all right to go now as I felt he had hung on to life till I came home.
I felt his little body quiver and he was gone, even now my tears fall and I feel an aching in my soul for him so I know how you feel about your beautiful little bear, I hope that my Rolo is whole again now and I will see him again one day, all my love and respects to you and your little one, Jean.

I can relate
by: Sue

I have all the same feelings that you have. My puppy experienced much of the same things your kitty did. She didn't have a seizure, but she had weak hind quarters and started losing strength and couldn't go down steps or up and down off the bed to sleep. Her incontinence got bad so I had to make the same awful decision to let God take her. It was gut wrenching. I miss her desperately and wish it were all a dream. I hope you make it through this sad time. I am trying so hard to myself. It has only been a week and a half, but it seems like yesterday and I keep reliving it over and over. God's peace to you and your kitty.

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