Your Pet Loss Stories

'My little Choco Taco'

I never knew I could love a goat so much, but the day you came into my life I instantly opened the doors of my heart. You used to lay in my lap and follow me around and sometimes I forgot you were a goat and not a dog.

When the neighbor's dog attacked you, we almost lost you, but you were strong and managed to pull through, but after that day things changed. It wasn't safe for you to run around free. We had to introduce you to the herd. We grew apart a little when you made new friends, but I loved you just the same. You were happy and loved to chase and head butt the other goats.

Many years you lived happily, but suddenly I noticed you weren't acting like your lively, happy self. I was devastated and struggled with the news you were sick and there was nothing we could do to help. I had to make the most challenging and selfless decision of my life, to let you drift off to the Rainbow Bridge. I cradled your head as the vet helped you on your way. I hope you know I made this decision with love, because I couldn't stand to see you in pain.

I will always love you my little goat and I can't wait to see your happy face again. Until then I will be missing a piece of my heart.

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