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'My Little Cutie, Adorable & Unforgettable Angel Sherry'

by Rohini Singh
(Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

I can never forget my last year Christmas (16th Dec 2011 & 23rd Jan 2012), I lost both of my babies. After losing my cutie, beautiful & gorgeous baby Luana, I was thinking that at least Sherry is with me. But, I never ever expected that very soon God will also call him. At present, I think Sherry was with me last year. I never thought both of them like a animal. I always considered them my own children. I also know they understood me very well.

Above all both were born at my house. Their mother was my black (f) Labra Jurry. They were very close to each & every members of home. Jurry still now sleeping with papa. They both used to sleep with Sherry with my sister & Luana with me. During those days, we were also going via a bad phase due to departure of my mother.

So, they made us laugh by watching naughty activities of them. They were so naughty. They were waiting for me & when we came back at home, they welcomed us with open hearts. I was always overwhelmed by watching their warm welcome. One thing which I always admired that when I going out from home, Luana would always come & watch me. This I had seen in my mom which I never forget.

Sherry, had also come to me and if all were out then they both used to come at window & watched outside until they had come back. So, there are lots of beautiful memories of my kids which if I will write then there will be no space.

But, one regret I have that they were so young. We had lots of dreams for them. We had found our whole world around them. And at last my baby Sherry had faced too suffering, that was so painful & traumatic for me. Those one month, I was desperately watched him a peaceful & sound sleep. Which he could never get. And during the whole night, I was sitting with him & kept his head on my lap & I could not sleep. If once he slept for the time being, I too slept.

But after time, he woke up & took care of him during the whole night. He used to go out during night. I took him. He was not eating food then I gave glucose by spoon. Though, during the whole each night, I prayed to God. Sometimes he was fine & sometime I was suffering very badly & at last after my many prayers could not give him life. And which peaceful & pain-free face I wanted to watch, that I had seen when he was no more.

On that day, at night he slept at that time & suddenly at 4am I heard a nauseated sound behind the bed & switched on & called him. Then my father woke up & called him. He came on my father`s lap & when papa kept his hand on his head. And then we saw his tongue was side. At last my baby, & my last hope was also finished. Papa & I were stunned. Everything was finished my last hope, my hope, my world.

At last my baby died on 23rd Jan 2012 after them our world was so empty. My father was also hospitalized. Though one year has passed, but still now we are remembering them. Still now my father is remembering after watching their clothes, vessels & any related things.

I'm also feeling very guilty in front of my sister because she left her children to me for 2 years. She went for further education. She handed over to me by saying take care of my kids only 2 years. After that I will take care of by myself.

I know that she is saying nothing but sometimes, she regrets that I had spent only 2 years with my kids. I had lots of dreams about them. It hurts me. But, I have no words to say. Though, the life is passing but still now we all remember them very much in each & every moments. I only hope that when I will go there then definitely once again we will be together & never departed again.

I just want to say my kids too they will be always in our treasures of memories for ever until we meet again. Love you & miss you from bottom of our heart.

Thank You.
Yours Loving JiJI


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