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Thank you Joan
by: Terri UK

I too am so sorry to hear your pain of losing little Dino. I think Joan's letter is spot on. In trying to love and care we sometimes make mistakes without meaning to. Guilt is a horrible, nasty, damaging emotion - especially false guilt where no harm was intended. You did your best and I hope you find peace x

Loving "Little Dino"
by: Anonymous

We learn from experiences. Probably you were not fully aware of your baby needs .Not being a common pet,it's natural. Animals are forgiving! They're born with no malice and live forever the same way. They live in love and die in love and after life they continue to vibrate in love. Even animals mistreated or killed for us to eat, RENDER THEIR LIFE LOVING. That is the importance of making time to think on them (and all that we eat, including water) and say THANK YOU! for their sacrifice every time we eat. Time running, we will grow a different conscience and we will not eat any other animal or permit any cruelty.
Now please, be in PEACE. Make good actions dedicated to your "little Dino". Have good thoughts to every living being on his name. Protect nature. This will be a bless for him. And you will have him very present in your life and dreams.

Don't Let Guilt Replace Your Love
by: Joan (Heidi's Mom)

I don't know if you believe in angels, but I do. Your little dinosaur was loved and you did the best you knew to take care of her. Think of her as a "teaching angel" for you because if you knew the things you know now, maybe you would have made different choices. The most important thing is that you have learned for the future and for any and all your new pets. I know that ugly feeling of guilt - but it is ok if you use it like a tool and not blame yourself. All of your other pets (and you) will benefit from this experience. Always remember your intent was to LOVE, not hurt, so try to forgive yourself as I'm sure your little angel dinosaur understands. All of us who have loved and lost our babies immediately look for what we did wrong, or could have done better, not how much we loved - and will always love the one who is at the bridge. Love, Joan

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