Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Dinosaur'

by Shaheen Nobar

I loved my chameleon soooooo much. I have suffered with pet loss many times but this was one of the worst. I say this only because of the suffering my little Dragon (her name) went through. I bought her and was not prepared for the care she needed. She was fine for the first 2 months but soon she began to feel sluggish and could no longer hold onto her climbing branches, she then suffered through a month of force feeding before she passed on. The day she passed on I tried not to cry to set a good example for my little brother so I acted as if she didn't matter to me.

I have now learned that what happened was natural but I still am sad about her death.

I thought:
I should have taken her to the vet to get treatment
I should have taken her to the vet to be put down
I should have not bought her
I shouldn't have used mulch substrate
I should have returned her
I should given her to a better home

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