Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Friend'

by Cherish

I rescued picked this kitten up from the streets a week ago. I did not expect to lose her exactly a week after.

I fell in love with her nice white fur and crystal blue eyes. I got so excited I bought three packs of whiskas and a bag of cat litter.

For a week, I got up earlier to play with her, then send her back into her cage after, to keep her safe.

I work at night so I go out of our house and walk her for a few minutes during my break. Eventually, she would walk close to my leg and rub her side against it.

My hands are also full of little scratches from playing with her. She was so charming and playful, I found it amazing for her to get used to me only after a few days.

The day before she died, she fell asleep on my lap for a good 30 minutes. It was a wonderful moment for me as I find cats very hard to tame.

However, our dogs found their way and tore up her cage. They killed the little kitten. I did not expect to bury her this day. I saw her pink nose and paws turn grey and lifeless, and her blue eyes turn to black.

I want to blame them, but I can't because it is their nature as dogs. I also know that as long as they are around, I can't have another cat.

The saddest part is the one pack of whiskas has not been finished, and the other two are unopened. The bag of litter has not been used. The scratches on my hand are still there to remind me of a little friend I had for a week, when I expected it to be longer.

I know I will make it through, but I just have to deal with this for now by crying it all out and writing about it. I want it to heal on its own.

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