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Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Munchkin Passed Away Tonight'

Sept 6 2009

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Sorry for your loss
by: Anonymous

You did something unselfishly and that was you gave an older cat a home. She returned the favor with her love. Nothing can ever replace that and please take comfort in knowing this. She knew you loved her and her remaining days were filled with this....Sorry for your loss...

Thank you all
by: Ozreal

Mornings have been the hardest because that was the time Munchkin liked to eat. She loved Doji and Billy too, and they know she is Gone. I do feel lucky to have known her. She was my first cat that I've owned and will remember her forever. Thanks again everyone for helping me cope with this in a positive way.

Time Heals Broken Hearts
by: Lynne and Gary

Ozreal, We are so sorry for your loss. Munchkin was very lucky to have found such a loving home with a truly compassionate person as yourself. The pain of losing our beloved pets is tremendous but with time it does get a little easier. They leave us with so many beautiful memories enough to last us our life time. Our babies are happy now and free from all pain at Rainbow Bridge. They are only a whisper away.
May God Bless you and ease your pain.

Thankyou Ozreal for the time you take to reply to pet loss stories it means so much to us to know there are other people out there who care.

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Darthmouth, NS; Canada

I am so sorry about yous loss, Ozreal. You hit the nail on the head It's like you said when you and Munchkin crossed paths at the same time. There was a reason at that particular time you needed each other. You adored and loved ach other very much. Munchkin was extremely lucky to have you in her life.

You're a person with heart.

Margaret - hugs

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Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Little Munchkin Passed Away Tonight'

Sept 6 2009.