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by: Coral (UK)

We are honoured to have such amazing creatures in are lives. No matter how old they get, we never really expect to lose them as it seems like they will go on forever. Then all of a sudden they seem very old. My boy Ralph is on here too and 15 months on my heart still aches for him, but I promise you the pain does ease. I can now talk about him and laugh and smile. I honour his memory by celebrating his life instead of dwelling on his death (which I did for a long time). I give to animal charities in his name and try to help those furry creatures not fortunate enough to have a loving home. You are among friends here. x

by: Vicky

Hi Tim just read your story. You are right about the 3rd Oct connection. How are you doing now? I feel like Im doing okay then something knocks me again. Take care, kind wishes, Vicky.

My Little Shadow
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain - our furry friends don't live nearly long enough.

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