Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Loss'

by Bonnie
(New Jersey)

In November of 1994, the tiniest, curliest most beautiful toy poodle entered my life and my heart. Her name was Mittens. The connection was instantaneous for both of us. We shared almost 16 years together. She was my guard dog, my companion, my mooch, and my baby. She would walk on her hind legs when she smelled something good cooking... she was my dancer. She loved long walks and her sense of smell was keen. She would track a scent on a walk as long as she could.

At 6 pounds, she would bully my mom's 18 pound cat. And she wanted noone but me. I loved that. To her, the world consisted of only her and me. I remember when she was a puppy, she would sit on the chair by the window and watch me leave for work and she'd cry. And as sad as she was when I left, she was twice as excited when I came home.

The last three years had been a bit rough for her. Her health had declined in part due to age and in part due to no fault of her own. Two days ago, she was put to sleep. I feel like a part of me has been ripped away. I miss her! I love you baby girl. I will see you someday... I believe that.

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