Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Louie'

by Annie

I lost my Louie on April 19. He was fine minutes before and suddenly fell out of the chair and died in about 30 seconds. Vet seems to think blood clot. We buried him in the backyard and have a small grave site with a wooden cross.

I adopted him at 9 weeks old from SPCA, he was my beautiful blue eyed boy. He was in perfect health and still spunky at 11 yrs old. He followed me everywhere and slept with me.

I miss him terribly, I ask myself is it normal to grieve over a cat like this? I even find it hard to go down the pet supply aisle at the store or look at cat books in my school library. Every time I think of him the tears start flowing.

RIP my kitty boy, I will always treasure our 11 years together<3

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