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'My Mollie'

My little girl Mollie died two days ago. I can hardly see to type, there are so many tears. I only had Mollie five years, but she gave me so much in that time.

She came to me from a pet rescue four months after McGregor died. It took some time for her to trust me, but eventually she seemed to accept her new home. At that time my husband and son lived here, but she was may little girl. We took walks everyday, I had knee surgery and she helped me get better. She made me laugh, she was so silly sometimes. We went on trips together, she was so good and calm. I think she liked going in the car because she knew I would pet her most of the trip.

There are not any words to say how much I loved her and miss her. I held her in my arms when she passed and I told her we would someday meet at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I will always love you and miss you my Mollie girl.

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