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Thank you
by: peggy

Thank you for your wonderful story. It gives me hope that possibly my sweet, precious Millie will come home one day. I am grieving so badly. If I only had a sign that she was alright, I would feel better. She went to heaven May 17, 2012 and I miss her as much today as I did that day. She was my everything and it is so difficult to exist without her. Your story gives me hope. Millie was a Shih-poo so I certainly understand the loss of a best friend (dog).

Thank You
by: Coral (UK)

Having lost my beautiful Springer Spaniel, my life, my family, my soul mate a year ago on 5th November 2011 I am still grieving so badly. Your story gave me some peace in the knowledge that they do survive death and they come back to the people they love. You've helped heal a piece of my broken heart. I've always hoped that one day, after that final goodbye, there will be another hello.
With love
Coral (Warwick shire)

Thank you
by: jean

Thank you for giving me hope that all my little rodent pets are really in a better place. When the alert came up on my computer tonight I said to myself that it would be lovely if it was something that let me know my dear old mouse birdy who had just gone to the bridge was really in a safe place. Now through your story I got my answer, god rest your Nicki and my angel pets, thank you, Jean.

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