Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Pal Jedi'

by Paul

I put my two year old German Shepherd down today.

Because his disease was so gradual I didn't notice it until a few weeks ago. He was dragging his paws while walking and couldn't run quickly at all. He would come back from his walks with bloody paws from scraping. His claws were worn to nothing.

I took him to the vet yesterday and the prognosis wasn't good at all. She wanted to do blood tests and have a neurologist check him out. I debated during the night but on his morning walk he lagged behind and bled from two of his paws. It was much worse than even the day before. He was going down quickly.

I couldn't see putting him through a barrage of tests and surgeries which may or may not work. At two years of age he should have been heading toward his prime.

He also started having seizures and was on the max amount of medication for those.

I suspect he had a brain tumor and the vet was about 90% certain that is what it was.

So I held him as he went to sleep.

I miss my pal.

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