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'My Perfect, Sweet Baby Boy, Paco'

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Wow, Thank you!
by: Shad

I'm pleasantly surprised that people comment on my pack. I'm genuinely sorry for your loss as well. It's not easy. It's been 2.5 years and I still miss Paco terribly. I still talk to him every day. The pain doesn't go away, we just learn how to deal with it better. My thoughts are with all of you : )

Thank You
by: Bear's Mama

Thank you for your story. We lost our Boxer baby yesterday (I say baby because he was the youngest of our 3 dogs - at just shy of 5 years old). I am beyond heartbroken as my feelings for Bear mirror yours for Paco. Thanks for sharing your story of love for your baby boy!

So sorry....
by: stevie

Hi Shad,
Yes, it is not easy, and it will take whatever time it takes for you to get to a point where the loss you feel is somewhat manageable. I am sorry for you. I guess all of us who post here do it to get out what we feel in some small way... words.

My friend Babes (saddest face, warmest heart) took a while to die of intestinal cancer that was not diagnosed by the vet until...well...I won't say anything else about the vet except that I will never again trust such vets. Even now, 5 months later, I still miss Babes as you will your friend but it will be a little more manageable. Enjoy your other friends... you are still fortunate.


I understand
by: Lynne and Gary

Dear Shad,
What a beautiful boy Paco was. I Know the pain you are feeling right now. Boxers have such big characters and when they leave us there is an emptiness that nothing else can fill. I lost my beloved Boxer Lewis nine months ago and I miss him so much, my heart aches for him.

We must always remember they are only a whisper away and their memories will live on in our hearts forever. Once again I am truly sorry for your loss and I hope the pain you are feeling eases with time.

Special blessings to your darling Paco and my beloved Lewis at Rainbow Bridge.


Paco Rocks!
by: Ozreal

What a great Life he must of had, and his journey continues until you cross paths again.



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