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'My Perfect, Sweet Baby Boy, Paco'

by Shad Morin
(Miami, FL USA)

Paco 12/5/03 - 4/29/09  RIP

Paco 12/5/03 - 4/29/09 RIP

Paco was the most perfect companion. I know everyone says this about their pet. I'm sure it's true for everyone. My baby passed away suddenly of an apparent heart attack on April 29, 2009. He was literally playing, running around trying to get one of our other dogs to chase him, when suddenly he just fell over and that was it. We had no clue that he may have had a heart condition. He was only 5 1/2.

He was the most handsome, gentle, mellow Boxer. He was so sensitive to my feelings and moods. The fact that he was taken away from me so early simply kills me.

The house seems so empty without him. I miss listening to him breathe. I always knew it would hurt when it was his time to go, but this caught me completely off-guard. The pain is far more than I could ever have possibly imagined.

Paco was so well-behaved. He loved everyone - dogs and humans. People would literally stop in the street, hold up traffic to tell me what a handsome Boxer he was. I simply cannot say enough. I know I'm rambling on and on. It's just I need to do this to honor him. Even if strangers read this.

I haven't experienced the loss of a parent or sibling. I feel a little guilty for saying this, but I never cried this much over the loss of my Grandparents. I guess it's the whole parent-child connection. Your child isn't supposed to go before you. Even though dog's lives are so much shorter, you never expect it to actually happen.

The only saving grace is that Paco passed instantly. There was no long, drawn-out illness. no poor quality of life. On the other hand, that maybe what makes this that much more difficult. I wasn't prepared at all.

The pain is almost unbearable. Today was the first day I walked our 2 other dogs and I cried the whole way. Here's where Paco would pee/pooh. Here's where he'd grab his leash and play tug-of-war. Here's where he'd be in the elevator and shake his slobber all over the walls! Oh, to have my baby back!

Thank you to whoever took the time to read this. I guess I should stop now.
Thank you to the creator of this site for giving me a small outlet.


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