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Faithful, Loyal Friends
by: Ed in Denver

I was moved by your story about Buck and offer my sincerest sympathies to you and yours ..

Shepards are amazing animals aren't they? My Father owned a company and had guard dog named "King" - Like your Buck, King was a trained guard / attack dog that could kill an intruder in a heartbeat - To me, King was my big buddy and faithful friend.

My Father could never understand how a dog like King could go from "killer" to puppy but then again, My Dad didn't understand the bond between human and dog ..

King went to Heaven 30 years ago and I still remember / miss him as though it were yesterday - I'm sure Buck, King and all of our beloved dogs are up there spoiling the Angels with love whilst keeping a weather on on St. Peter's gates.

God Bless you all
Ed in Colorado

What a beautiful boy
by: Theresa

Dear Shelley,

I have read your wonderful diary and tributes to your Bucks but none has touched me as much as your video tribute to your beautiful boy.

I have watched it several times and it brings tears to my eyes, wot a gorgeous baby, teenager and man and you and he were so blessed to have each other.

What a beautiful and loving eye account of your life together, and I will continue to look at your lovely tribute to your lovely 'BUCKS'

With great love and adoration...

Theresa X

I feel your loss
by: Theresa

I know so well how you are feeling, I have been and still am a german shepherd lover and Buck was one beautiful boy.

I have lost so many but just like you every one is so painful and so exclusive to us.

That lovely boy will live forever in your heart as mine have to me but the pain I'm sorry to say for me, will never go away...

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

What a wonderful story, S. Sweeny. Buck was a handsome boy. Still is. I agree, the unconditional love we give our furry children is authentic.

I understand the great pain you are going through. We lost our beloved Spike a year a half ago. We have Josh (another lab). He's a lovely dog. I miss Spike alot. I tell Josh, he would have loved Spike. As Spike to Josh. I say hi everyday to his picture that sits beside his wooden urn. Your idea of the sachal is unique.

You and Buck will be in each others hearts forever..

Margaret - hugs

Thank you!
by: Shelley Sweeney

Thank you for your kind comments.

My Precious Buck
by: Cathy

Your story of Buck was touching and beautiful. He was a gorgeous animal and you both were fortunate to have had each other's love and devotion. It's agony to lose a loved one.

Sorry for your loss
by: Mike charlebois

I am sorry for your loss. I too just lost my little Nemo beagal daschund mix on Saturday April 24 2010 and I agree it was the hardest decision to make. She had diabetes and pancreatitis, I too held her till the end I miss her so dearly. I had 8 wonderful years with her but she will always be with me everywhere I go.

by: Anonymous

What a stunning animal you had. Such a huge blessing to have had him in your life. 10 years--you did well.

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