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Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Short, But Memorable Time With My Baby Bella'

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by: Stephanie

Thank you everyone for your comments. They are very comforting.

Bella is not gone...
by: Julie

I just read your story of your Baby Bella. What a beautiful name for a beautiful little dachshund.
I too have a dachshund and love the breed. I grew up with these wonderful dogs. Their lives are too short even when they live to be old. Just know that her spirit lives on and will meet up with you again in another world. My sympathy for your loss.

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

I am VERY sorry for the sudden loss of your beautiful Bella, Stephanie. She was a sweetheart. You were bestfriends. And you will be bestfriends in heart.

Margaret - hugs

Sorry for your loss
by: mike

I am sorry to hear of your loss she reminds me of my Nemo daschund beagal mix that I had to have put to sleep on Saturday April 24 2010. I had 8 years with her they truly are amazing animals and loyal than most people on earth. I try to reflect back on all the good times we had and it helps to bring a smile to my face. They are truly missed but they forever remain in our hearts.
Lots of hugs.


My Heartfelt Condolences
by: Serbella

It really broke my heart to read your piece on Bella. I lost my boy Coyote (he was a kitten) suddenly when he was eleven months. What you wrote was beautiful, yet I hated to read it. Bella looks like a real sweetie. I'm sorry for your loss.

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'My Short, But Memorable Time With My Baby Bella'.