Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Snickers!'

by Debbie
(Medford, NY)

My Snickers was a Maine Coon cat. He was so funny. I got Snickers from a pet store when my other Maine Coon (Kit E. Kat) died at 13 1/2 years old. I was devastated when Kit E died, and about 2 weeks later I went to the same pet store and saw another Maine Coon sleeping with his back to me, so I asked the salesgirl to turn him around to see if he looked like my other cat. He didn't have any white in his face like Kit E did but I fell in love. I don't know why I went to the store that day as I was NOT looking for another cat. But somehow I felt Kit E led me there.

Well to say the least Snickers was the center of my families life. He was always in cat trouble (you know - knocking over full drink glasses the kids left on the table). My Snickers was an indoor cat but he decided to make himself an outdoor cat, so every time someone opened a door he'd sneak under it and it was a 1/2 hour chase and most times he would hide so I couldn't find him.

Well 10/13/12 Snickers got out under the front door when my son and I were leaving to go shopping. We had only been gone an hour or so and when we got back I was turning onto my street I saw an animal laying in the street. At first I thought it was a raccoon and then saw there was no pointed nose I backed my car up to shine the lights on it then thought it was one of the strays I feed.

And then to my most horrible shock saw it was my beloved Snickers. He was still alive! I thought there was hope! As I was getting out of my car another car was approaching and I beeped the horn so they would not hit him too. I was screaming and picked him up and carried him home crying. I laid him on my kitchen table where he knew he was home and then sadly died. I am really mad at the driver who hit my beautiful cat and just left him there to get hit again and die a horrible death!

I love you Snickers and always will.

You are always in my heart and I'll miss you forever.

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