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'My Sweet Aggie Girl'

by Angie
(Portland, OR)

Aggie's Last Camping Trip, Detroit Lake

Aggie's Last Camping Trip, Detroit Lake

My dear, sweet Scottie, Aggie, was put to rest last Tuesday at 10am. It was the most difficult decision I have ever made and after three days of watching my beautiful girl not be herself, urinating blood, not eating, and being in a stupor, we had a Compassionate Care person come to our house.

Before, we stroked Aggie, talked to her, told her how much we loved and adored her, sang to her, kissed her, and then carried her in her basket, all bundled up, to the backyard. Just at the right moment, she popped her head up for one final family photo with my husband, my five year old and myself. More hugs and kisses, and then she quietly drifted off. Her heart came to a near stop with just the sleeping aid. Then she was gone. Her liver had failed her and I know she had so much life left in her wonderful little spirit.

Aggie had liver issues all her time with us and we tried to manage it with diet and light medication. By the end, she was slowing down, sleeping about 22 hours a day. She would wake, go outside, eat her breakfast, and then lay back down for her morning nap. As much as I can recognize all of this now, it certainly does not make her passing any easier and I my tears just fall and fall for this little gal who was my best friend on four legs.

Aggie was a rescue pup (who we think was probably 9-10 when she left us) who wandered into our lives six years ago, quickly becoming a member of our family, and she was incredibly loving, loyal, cuddly, calm -- and my constant shadow.

She went everywhere with us and especially loved to run as fast as she could on the beach. She sat under my desk as I typed. She slept by the side of my bed -- and sometimes in it, she danced at the back door whenever we returned home (on the rare occasions when she was not riding along), and she curled up on my stomach when I was pregnant.

Her love for us was unconditional and I just hope that she knows how much we love her. Everyone who met her just absolutely fell in love and most wanted to take her home. She was so special. The last three days of her life were messy, confusing, and not how I hoped her life would end. She deserved more. I do take comfort in the fact that, after getting her hydrated on Monday, she seemed to be resting much more comfortably and her breathing was fairly steady.

Every choice I ever made for her was made from a love deep in my heart. My husband called her "the princess" and she was. Pampered to the very end. I try to stay strong for my five year old, while letting him see my tears, but my insides are aching for one more pet and one more hug of my sweet little Aggs.

I can only hope that wherever she is now, she is running down that beach, as fast she ever wanted, ears back, wind in her beard, and a big stick just waiting for her to chew. I just can't imagine loving another special friend as much as I adored and loved her. And of course, still do.

If anyone has a story they want to share or someone to share their grief with, please feel free to contact me at

May we all find peace...


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