Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Sweet Jess. My Guardian Angel'

by Deborah
(Greensburg, Pa)

I got my sweet Jess for my birthday 14 years ago. Little did I know at the time that she would become my everything, the love of my life. She died 5 weeks ago, at the young age of 14. I never felt heartache like I felt when she died. I just couldn't believe that she was gone and I was the one who made that decision. Talk about feeling guilt. I still feel like I made the wrong choice.

Jess lost a tooth about 3 months before she died that's where it all started. The hole where the tooth came out wouldn't heal. Vet stitched it twice and did laser surgery. Looked like laser surgery worked, tooth was healing and she was eating again. That lasted about 1 week and she quit eating and drinking. Had to syringe feed her. Went back to vet hoping for reassurance that she would be OK.

She wasn't OK, the infection was starting to go up her sinus cavity. Vet thought she may have cancer. I couldn't put her through anymore. She almost died when she was sedated for the stitches and laser treatment. I couldn't put her through all that pain again. It was time to let Jess go. (Wrote a poem about letting Jess go called "Time To Let Jess Go". You can read it in the poetry section.)

I'm sorry Jess. Always in my heart pretty girl. Love you so much.

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