Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Sweet Little Boy'

by Gabrielle
(Oregon )

November 3rd 1999, the day my little man, Nicky, was born. I was 4 years old and the happiest little girl when I got him, my older sister got his litter mate, Sara, and their momma was my aunt's dog so they got to grow up with their whole family.

Nicky was my little baby since the very beginning, we got them strollers and dressed them up and they would do whatever we wanted, he was the best little boy I could ever ask for. We were best friends for 12 years, and always will be! I took him everywhere with me, he loved camping, kayaking, going on walks, riding in his backpack on bike rides, and he especially loved food and sleeping! I'm gonna miss every single thing about him, his snoring at night, greeting me at the door every day with the biggest smile.

When you get a new puppy all you think about is the joy and happiness and their sweet cuddly faces, you don't really think about the pain you're gonna face one day. But it was all worth it, every minute of it, and I'd do it all again.

My buddy passed away on July 8th 2012, he had a heart disease and we tried to keep him here as long as we could but he was in pain so we had no choice but to let him go. I was in another state when it happened and I never got the chance to tell him goodbye, but he knew I loved him and he had such a blessed life.

I will never forget my little dude, he'll run with me in my heart till the day I pass. Then I'll see his beautiful face again, I can't wait. Wait on me little guy, save me a spot up there right next to you! The heavens have received such a caring sweet soul, Nicky boy. I'm getting his paw print tattooed on my foot so he'll be with me every day.

I was so blessed to have such an amazing dog and I hope I can have another like that... someday. He brought so many good memories to my life and he was the joy of my life. 'Death brings a heartache no one can heal but love brings a memory no one can steal' <3

RIP Nickel pickel, you're up there eating a lot of treats and playing with your dad, uncle and brother. I'll love you always and forever little boy. You showed me the real definition of happiness, friendship and love :) Now you're my angel watching over me! Muah big kisses and hugs to you.

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