Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Sweet Little Rat Rolo'

by Jean

I have no after life story to tell. I lost my lovely boy Rolo my hooded rat two nights ago, he suffered a stroke but carried on bravely, eating and lying in my arms chattering to me as he always did when he was happy to see me.

I had just got in from work and my daughter was very upset as she told me that my precious little one had been having fits. I took him in my arms wrapped in his red fleecy blanket and sat on my bed and rocked him gently as the fits continued.

I told him it was alright to go now, that I was with him and I loved him and always will. I prayed to god that if he was to take him that he would take him quickly to spare him any more pain. After a short time his poor little body seized up then relaxed and I knew he had left me.

I don't know how to cope with this pain and need so badly to know my darling Rolo is in a better place and that one day I will see him again.

Goodnight my darling sleep well,

Your loving Mum Jean.

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