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Too beautiful
by: Yvette

I read your story of loss with a lump in my throat. I believe God gives us these beautiful creatures to remind us of how much He loves us - unconditionally. I also believe that you will see Prince one day as God cannot give us a pooch to love so much and never to see him again.
Thinking of you. I know that he can never be replaced but there is another dog in need out there!

by: Jaime

Aww Paula I think it is only human nature to question if there was anything else you could have done. I must say that I think you did all you could for him and you gave him so much love!!! I love you and that was beautiful!!!!

So, so sorry for your little Prince
by: Audrey

It brought tears to my eyes reading about your little Prince and his passing. My heartfelt condolences to you at losing both Prince and your father this year. I know something of your pain because I lost both my cat Wolfgang last November 8 and my mother last February 11, 2011. I know how it hurts and the pain feels like it will never go away. I sobbed every day for the longest time. After time passes it seems their presence comes to live in your heart and there it will stay. May you find comfort in knowing you will see both of them again. God bless you.

So Sad For You
by: bev

Bubba, is no longer in pain, uncomfortable, trying so hard to live. Bubba is at Rainbow bridge in no pain, although is missing you very much; also knows that out of an act of love you ended his pain and discomfort. You will feel sooo sad for a while, it is a grief like no other. I have lost 2 dogs recently, one fives years ago and one 13 years ago and 2 within the past 2 months. I still miss them and I still shed tears. "How dare they die on me!" I was not done loving them on Earth. The deep, dark hurt will turn to a dull ache; Make sure that you have supportive people to talk to and understand. That is very important. Talk about Bubba, even if the tears flow. I wrote a lot about my first loss (Mocha) and lit a candle every night for one year. Perhaps there is a Petloss Support Group in your area. Take care of yourself.

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