Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Sweet Smokey a Handsome Russian Blue Cat'

by Mary Gibbs
(Riverdale, NJ )

Smokey is and was the love of my life. I have never loved an animal as much as I love him. Smokey just passed away on 12-3-12. He was a big beautiful Russian Blue mix. He was a big cat, so sweet, funny, friendly and he did things that always made us laugh all the time. He would do silent meow meow's or meow like Chewbacca!

For the 12 years I have had him I never took a long vacation because we would pine for each other. I would miss him so much and he equally missed me. Everyone loved Smokey. I am so heartbroken without him. He developed heart problems so suddenly. Things happened so fast. I was hoping and praying the meds would save him so I would have him longer. His brother Rocky and sister Maddie ironically all died too this year. All 3 from the same litter gone in 2012 born in 2000.

I was so lucky to have him but I cannot get over my grief and how much I miss him! Everyone says well get another cat. Not that easy, there will never be a cat like him! I hope and pray that there really is a Rainbow Bridge and that we will be re-united again. I wish I could have cloned him. I often wonder if he would ever be re-incarnated and brought back to me somehow.

I love you Smokey we all do! You are the most loving, loyal, sweet, funny and precious cat in the whole world. You were my best friend, my son and my little buddy! Love you Smokey! I hope we see each other again soon! Love your Mommy!

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