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'My Wonderful Cat Jules'

by Lisa Robertson

On Friday I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have my beloved boy put to sleep. I spend my days crying because I miss him so much. We had him for 18 years and he was and is loved so much. It all happened so suddenly. A matter of 2 days and I had to let hims go. I wrote this to try and help

My darling Jules,
I loved you so,
I did not want to let you go,
I was not blind, could clearly see,
I had to let you go from me
Now you are gone there's lots of tears,
When I think of you through the years,
I didn't want you to be in pain,
And know that we will meet again.
Please understand my darling boy,
You brought me such untold joy.

I love you Jules and miss you so much.

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Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Wonderful Cat Jules'

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Thank you
by: Lisa jules's mom

For your kind comments. I miss him so much but know that he is looking down on me as your babies are looking down on you. We loved them so much

A beautiful tribite
by: Tanya

How beautiful and heart wrenching. Your poem has touched me deeply and helped me with my own grief. I had to make the awful decision today of putting my beautiful girl of 17 years to sleep after a sudden illness. I could not bear to see her suffer and I know that she told me that it was time for her to go.

Thank you again for sharing your pain and your love for your baby. I will never forget my beautiful Amyshka. I love her dearly for the joy she brought to my life, her gentleness and loving nature.

I miss you my darling.

In memory of Jules
by: Anonymous

I'm very sorry for your loss! When my pet cat was very sick, the vet politely recommended that we take into consideration putting her to sleep. "Fortunately" one might say, she passed away and we didn't have to make such a hard choice as you. I think it's harder when you have to make such a choice! Don't despair, try to remember the good things about your pet-friend: his love, his devotion, all the good things that we humans might learn from our furry friends! If he were still alive he would want his "mommy" and "daddy" to be safe and happy. At least sometimes I think I can honor my pet if I'll be a loving, good person, like...carrying some sort of legacy of her love... I wish you all the best and God bless you!

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