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'My Wonderful Piggy Nim'

My guinea pig Nim was everything a pet should be. Friendly, gentle and extremely funny. I got him from a friend in 2009, and with him came his beautiful sister Alexandra. One spring day, I was home getting ready for dance, when I looked in my piggys cage, and noticed that Nim was sort of dragging himself around. We took him to the vet and they gave him some medicine and some food that we had to hand feed him.

My parents and I continued to feed him that food and gave him his medication as instructed. A week went by, and he appeared to be getting better. But one afternoon on spring break, I was all alone at home with him when he started to scooch around in circles on his butt. I got really worried so I put him in his box (we had seperated him from his sister) and waited with him.

Those last few minutes of his life were spent with me beside him. Nim suddenly started to vibrate, and just suddenly went limp. I kept saying in my head, He can't be dead, he was just getting better. But I knew that he was not with me any more. I was just shocked that in that little span of time, so much had happened.

I love you Nimish, and you will always have a special place in my heart <3

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