Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Yellow & Orange Sunshine'

by Pattie F.
(New Smyrna Beach, FL)

Jasper and Mommy

Jasper and Mommy

It's been 5 months today since I lost my big boy Jasper. The grief is still there but it is very much like an ocean... it ebbs and flows... times my knees buckle in pain and my heart feels still freshly fragmented. Then there are days I can look at your sister Bella and smile peacefully as I see your sweet face and disposition in her. I pick her up and hug her and kiss her as she is truly a part of you Jasper.

I brought home a new little boy, Beauregard, in the end of June. It wasn't a replacement as no fur baby could ever replace another. It's just that my heart is large, and there was another baby boy who needed a home. A place to feel safe and to be loved.

I know Jasper led me to him at the shelter. He was the silliest little kitten... as some choose from "cuteness"... Beau, well - he is adorable to me but a little different. I looked at him and I could feel you nudge me Jasper when I saw him... thank you my big yellow boy.

So today, I am quiet. Reflective. Tearful at times. I will go outside and be in the sunlight because it reminds me of you... warm, bright and comforting. My yellow & orange boy.

I will love you forever and we will see each other again when it is time for me to be "called home". Until then, I celebrate your life with Bella and Beau.

I love my yellow & orange sunshine Jasper....


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