Your Pet Loss Stories

'Norman Kitty Witty'

by Sheila

Normie has been my baby for 18 years. An American shorthair. Chubby, looked like Garfield. Full of what I like to call CATTITUDE. I have no children, so he was truly, my baby. He brought nothing but joy and love to my life.

I know he was old. However, he never seemed sick, hurting or feeble. He just got a kidney infection one day... within the week we were sending him on to the Rainbow Bridge. This poem has kept me from going crazy by the way.

Only a pet lover who has lost, can understand the emptiness. The loneliness you feel when your companion is no longer there. He will forever be in my heart. He was my Norman kitty witty meow meow. I miss him terribly. Momma's sweet baby boy.

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