Your Pet Loss Stories

'Ode To My Sweet Ginger'

by Barbara Curry
(Warrenton VA)

Missing my Ginger.


I am sorry for your loss. My heart is broken by the death of my beloved Ginger. I adored her, sang to her, slept with her, She was my daughter. I used to cry when I would think of her growing old and that one day she would pass. I would have to snap myself out of that and enjoy her. I always thought I would have time.

She was only two. She went out to walk the yard as she did every afternoon and out of the blue she chased a car. It hit her. She was a yorkiechon and only seven pounds. She was no match for that car.

We rushed her to the vet, she was still awake and alive. She didn't look hurt or crushed but she was struggling to breath. She was on my husband's lap when we raced to the vet. I was screaming... dumb, in shock, I kept thinking how could this be happening to my Ginger..

She looked at me with sad eyes then leapt into my lap. I carried her in to the vet and they took to her right away. For three hours we waited, and I bargained with every god I could think of. Pleads and promises were unheard. She didn't survive.
I too was in shock when we buried her and have been struggling all week with the roller coaster of emotions I feel.

I will always miss and love her. She was irreplaceable.

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