Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Baby Bubba'

by Tammy
(Wheeling WV)

Where do I begin, this little white furry friend was our baby. A friend told me there was a dog that needed a home. He had been abused mistreated, I went and looked knowing he had issues. They told me he didn't trust people (well no wonder). When I walked up the steps he was out on the porch, this dog literally jumped into my arms like he was a circus dog or something. I immediately fell in love and so did he. Now my new Husband never had pets well Bubba won him over, we had 11 years with Bubba.

The vet predicted he was between 7 or 9 when we adopted him. He had dental problems, we would have to have him put under to get a haircut, a lot of vet bills but we didn't care we loved him sooo much. But he helped me and I helped him you see he helped fill a void in my life that I needed. I was divorced and my children wanted to be with their father we agreed do to schools they were older but that's another story. So Bubba was something for me to love and care for. Of course he didn't replace my children but he sure would listen when I'd say they will be back Bubba next week I could tell him everything, it was like he understood. Bubba was different he had personality you ever hear the old saying if a dog doesn't lke you there is a reason, I really believe that saying.

Well yesterday I had to make the decision to put our baby boy down 6/18/09 that was so hard for me I don't think I hurt this way my whole life why does it hurt so bad? I think it was because it was up to us to make the decision it was the hardest one to make but my Bubba wasn't Bubba anymore. He was tired very tired, he was blind now, he could not hear, full of arthritis and walking and pacing like he didn't know what to do. He just slept all the time he wasn't enjoying a dog life he was existing for us I think he would have till his last breath.

There are so many good memories I could write a book but one thing I can tell you is my baby boy Bubba was so loved the vet asked if we wanted to stay with him I wanted to be the last thing my baby saw when he closed his eyes. It was tough real tough it was so easy he went very peacefully I'm glad we stayed. Bubba's daddy was there to this man who never wanted a dog loved him so much too. It's hard but we loved him so much we could tell Bubba wasn't a happy dog he was just existing we wanted to let him go before he lost his dignity we felt we were being selfish if we kept him going that way so we let him go gently and peacefully.

Our baby boy is running through the fields where all good dogs go. We were lucky to be able to bury our Bubba close, he is on his favorite walking spot. Thanks for reading our story and god bless everyone who cares for their pets they are part of our lives good times and bad.

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