Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Beautiful Smokey'

by Donna and Russ

After a brief illness our 15 year old Sheltie passed on to the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon at 2:00 in his own home. We're so thankful we were spared the pain of making the final decision.

We've cried all day and are preparing to take him to a funeral home for cremation.

He's wrapped in a small handmade quilt and my son's beautiful soft and warm yellow baby comforter. His front legs hold his beanie baby. He has a copy of the Rainbow Bridge with our personal messages, rolled up and tied with a blue ribbon. The baby comforter is tied with wide yellow ribbon. On 4 corners that didn't easily stay in place I tacked them in place with blue embroidery thread in the shape of a cross.

We love him so dearly. He's been a true blessing from God and now God will keep Smokey in His care until we meet again.

With broken but full hearts we'll say "See ya' soon handsome boy."

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