Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Beloved Monty'
A French Bulldog

by Janelle

We purchased him from a puppy store at 4 months old. We were in love, but couldn't help but notice that he couldn't breathe. The sales people said it was a kennel cough. We were unable to take him him for 2 weeks, but convinced the owner to give him to us, and we would take care of him. The first night with him was extremely rough. He didn't sleep and threw up the entire night. He went to the vet the next morning and the vet said he was getting over pneumonia. It took us about a month to get him back in shape. He was such a joy once we saw him getting better. We fell in love. He was always so happy and so willing to be your third leg. He was my best friend.

In March 2010, he became very ill. He was unable to keep any food and water down. He tested him for megaesphagus and thyroid. Both came back negative. He has had exploratory surgery because we at first thought he ate something he is not supposed to. After weeks of medications and slimy food I began introducing him to mixing dry food and spoon feeding him. We did that for about two months and finally took him to the specialist that diagnosed him with an elongated soft palate. He had the repair along with stenoic snares. He was breathing better, but was never actually feeling better. He still had running nose, still vomiting and still not himself. After a couple weeks on Metro he developed a head tilt. After a week of antibiotics he went back straight. He was always tired and not feeling himself. He saw a Neurologsist that said that as a puppy he had distemper which knocked out his immune system. So if and when he became sick it was life or death with him.

In August 2010 he went in for his second procedure on the elongated soft palate and passed under anaesthesia. That will be the most devastating time of my life. My world stopped because I had cared for him so much. He was always with me. He gave me kisses all the time and was my little guardian. I miss him more than words can describe. This was a week ago and I still can't believe he is gone. He was the happiest and most innocent creature I have ever met. He went too soon and for me he will never be forgotten. I love and miss my dog. He suffered almost his whole life and now he is at rest.

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