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Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Beloved Spike'

Dec 1998 - Oct 2008

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by: Martin Heald

Another Beautiful and Loving Angel. I am sure that Spike will be waiting for you without a doubt.

Martin xx

by: Martin Heald

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your very kind comments about the loss of my beautiful soulmate Meisje.

Spike looks like a beautiful and loving soulmate too and I feel sure that you will meet him again, when the time is right.

Love and Best Wishes


by: Agatha

I just read all about Spike, sounds like such a special dog, thanks for your comment about Maggie. I love this web site where our special friends can be remembered!

Thank you for sharing about your Spike
by: Pattie F Tulsa OK

It brings comfort to my heart that there are others who grieve as I do... not that I wish this pain on anyone. But who understands things like "yellow" and silly antics. Your Spike sounded adorable and amazing! (It's an awesome name as well! My niece has a kitty named Spike and I call him Spike-a-licious)
Thank you for taking the time to share your comment and time to read about my Jasper.

Peace always,

Thank You
by: Benji

Thank you so much for the kind words on Cinnamon's story. It still hasn't been that long, but I've found some comfort in thinking about those beautiful years me and her had together.

Spike sounds like he was a really great dog and that he always kept you guys smiling. It's amazing how dogs can be like that. Always doing things to keep a smile on our faces. I can tell he was loved dearly and is still missed.

I hope your years spent with Josh are just as beautiful as the ones spent with Spike. Dogs really are a blessing in our lives.

Through grief, joy comes
by: Shannon

Spike sounds as if he had found the perfect family he could have hoped for. My heart goes out to you ad your family. When we lose our best friends the hole left in us seems to never heal, but as we carry on, we realize they have never left us.

I have found it is ok to talk to them, although a bit odd I will admit, but the way I see it, Spike like my Tobie is at our sides, always.

Thanks, Amy, Tracey and Summer!
by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Hi Amy, Tracey and Summer,

Thank you for your kind words...

Margaret - hugs

by: amy myers

Thank you so much for your kind words on Cujo. Knowing someone else took a minute to say they understood and cared made my day. We miss him so much and so does his liter-mate and brother. :( He was such a happy soul and made our lives so much better for the 12 years he was here.

I'm so sorry for your loss of Spike, he was such a good looking boy and sounds a lot like our buddy. Labs have a way of grabbing our hearts! :)

Thanks again for sharing and caring!

by: tracey

Thank you for your comment on Benson it's really nice to know that other people do care. He was our life and is sorely missed. Spike looked like a beautiful dog also glad to hear you have a new dog I'm fostering a 4 month old pup at the moment as I work for the rspca[royal society prevention of cruelty to animals] and lots of dogs need some tlc it's nice to see how much happiness animals fetch us but also the heartache but I know he is with me forever.

Thanks for your kind words.

So Sorry for your loss
by: Summer

Hey Margaret, I'm so sorry that you lost your beloved Spike. It certainly sounds though, that he was an amazing little personality! The way I have been thinking of it, after losing Fletcher, was that there was only one Fletcher in the world, and I was lucky enough to be his human. And you won the lottery with Spike too :)

I'm sure that the memories you have still make you smile, but I don't think they actually leave us. I think we have 4 pawed guadian angels now.

I send my best wishes to you and your family.

Thank you Charley and Melissa
by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Thank you so much for your warm comments Melissa and Charley.

Margaret - hugs to you both

Spike :)
by: Anonymous

Dear Margaret,

I read about Spike and I'm sorry for your loss as well. I can tell and also relate to how much you loved him and always will. He is a great looking boy. My sis had two labs and they are very sweet dogs as I'm certain Spike was. Many prayers and peace to you and your family.


by: Melissa

It sounds like Spike was a wonderful pup. The ending reminded me a lot of my dog Chester - unable to walk. Very sad, brought tears to my eyes. Dogs are in our lives for such a short time, but affect our lives forever.

Take care,
Melissa :)

Thank you
by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful comments, it means a lot to me.

To Ms. Anoymous - It must be so hard for you to miss your Sweet Sasha. Like you, we got a new puppy too. His name is Josh, he is absolutely adorable. We warmed to him instantly. However it took us several months to feel the attachment (like we did with our beloved Spike). My husband and I know, and realize, that every 'love' is different and very special. We love our Joshers.

Margaret - hugs

by: Anonymous

Spike was very lucky to have such a great family you all will be in my thoughts and prayers! God had a place for these great animals. I miss my Sasha soooo much! I have another new puppie now but honestly it doesn't make the pain any better I still think about her and miss her so much.

Spike was our buddy too!
by: Dot & Phil Handy

Spike was always like the wise old owl to us. He was always so happy to see us and wagged his tail and snuggled up to you and after our greetings he would back off and let the adults take over. He never jumped all over us or walked so as to tangle up your feet. Just a perfect gentleman. We have lots of memories of Spike from his ten wonderful years years with Marg & Jeff and we were saddened to see him suffering so in the end but we know that Spike has gone to Doggy Heaven and for that we are grateful.

I miss you Spike
by: Teresa

Hi Mom and Jeff

Beautiful, Wonderful loss story for Spike Mom and Jeff always in our hearts forever and ever.

Spike's Famous Memories:

Spike would wrap his leash around the polls and get stuck.

Spike would go around the house and sniff for apples we all knew what he was doing.

Perk his head on the couch while we were eating.

I love you Spike
miss you

Love Teresa and Dakkota

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'Our Beloved Spike'

Dec 1998 - Oct 2008