Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Little Sassy Kitten'

by Diane Van Rossum
(Philda pa)

Sassy Girl our little bundle of joy

Sassy Girl our little bundle of joy

We lost our little kitten tonight her name was Sassy we gave her that name because she was a sassy little baby. She came to us through a young girl coming home on the Sapta train in Philda pa. We were coming home from Pennslanding from seeing the fireworks little did we know we would bring this little bundle of joy home with us but I was so glad we did.

Sassy had a special story. She was tormented by some kids, they burnt her little feet and tail her wounds had healed up but her scares told the whole story of what this brave little baby went through. I can not even think of the pain she most have went through. She was only 1 month her eyes were open and she would set on her little rump and cry for her bottle I had to feed her that way she was still to little to eat on her own. She loved to lay with us and would often fall to sleep on our chest listening to our heart beats where she felt safe.

Her burns did not stop her from playing with her big sister Miss Midnight who took care of her, she would clean her after her bottle feeding and her Pappa Ozzy was just coming around to having her in the house. He layed with her and would lick her little head she loved all the attention she was getting. Shania and Smokey was not sure of her so getting us to her was a little more tough on them.

Today she just was not acting right and she was sleeping more than playing and she ate early this morning but would not drink tonight. She slept with me today while I took a nap she layed in my arm and slept close to my heart and I could hear her purring. I told myself that this little sweet bundle of joy had to have more injurys and pain then we really knew about. How can someone do such mean and cruel things to a little baby kitten or any pet for that matter.

All that's left of our Sassy are the pictures and memories she left behind. I will miss her for a long time to come I pray the kids who did this to her will pay for it she did nothing to them except be born and even that she did not ask for but I'm sure glad we were on the train at the right time. God bless the little girl who gave her to us to love and I will never forget you.

R.I.P Sassy girl we love you baby you're in our hearts forever and you can always hear my heartbeat baby love and miss you already.

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