Your Pet Loss Stories

'Our Old Girl'

by Allison

We adopted Biscuit as a 7 week old puppy in 1996. She was the most even tempered, sweetest dogs you ever had the privilege to meet. She would greet everyone with a wag of the tail and a head butt of their hand.... she wanted love. And she gave it back in abundance.

Her health had been declining in the past few years.. eyesight dimming, hearing not as sharp as before. She spent more and more time to herself in the quiet of our bedroom closet. We knew our time with her was limited but when it came, on April 18, 2012 at approx. 3 am, we were still devastated. It was quick but not without pain. Her breathing was labored and then no more. Our old girl was gone....

My husband and I decided to wake our older boys (age 10) to allow them to say goodbye. We chose to allow our 4 year old to sleep. My husband prepared her grave, wrapped her in her favorite flannel sheet and laid her in her final resting place. We said our goodbyes, tears were shed. And now we have to try and go about our lives without the familiar clacking of toenails on the floor in the middle of the night.... the cold nose that would head butt your hand to get her ears scratched.... the sound of her breathing as she slept at the side of our bed each night.

16 years.... of pure, unconditional love. That was our Biscuit. We love her and will miss her terribly. The pain will ease with time and leave so many sweet memories.... but until that time, we grieve.

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