Your Pet Loss Stories

'Over The Rainbow'

It was my third birthday party. I had just lost my first dog to cancer & my second had ran away. I didn't really know what all having a pet was about. I hadn't had the other two dogs for their whole lives, but Toto was so much different.

It was my 3rd birthday party. The theme was the Wizard of Oz, my all time favorite movie. My aunt Tiff brought out a box, yellow & blue plaid with a bow on it, and when I went to open it my little baby Toto popped his head out at me. I have loved my sweet baby ever since that day.

On his previous birthday he would have been 13 years old. I made him a beef flavored cake & everything. I came home that night to terrible news. Somebody had ran over Toto & killed him. He lived a full 13 years. It should have been longer.

It's been almost a month since this happened & every night I still go to bed thinking about how bad that must have hurt him, how much pain he went through. He was deaf so he couldn't have heard the car. Helpless he was, really. But then I look at pictures of him & see his angel face & think to myself, "Toto is just somewhere over the rainbow, waiting for me."

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