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'Owned, But NEVER Really Owned'

by Valii Skellinton

Hitler 9/9/09-4/15/2010

Hitler 9/9/09-4/15/2010

My boy Hitler was a cat of sheer independence... I raised him since birth since he was born to my cat Veeda along with 5 other kitties. From the beginning I knew he was an independent fellow he never really liked to be held back or loved too much. It was only on his time or when he felt the need for your touch.

As a kitten he was beautiful almost perfect I would say to everyone!! I loved his beautiful green eyes and black and white fur he had soft beautiful fur and his whiskers were long and perfect. He was the biggest one out of the bunch, but also very manly lol. When it came time to give them away I always would pick other ones, but never him. I just couldn't bring myself to give him away I thought he was magnificent. I also kept 2 kitties from that litter which were a brother named Misfit and a sister I named Monroe.

They grew up together and did everything with each other they would kitty fight and chase each other around the house like rascals. It came time to get them collars and since the beginning he would fight me on putting it on him he would make me chase him and try to catch him, but finally I did and well the collar lasted 2 weeks and he slipped it off. I told him "ok Hitler I won't put you a collar just cause your a manly boy, but you're still mine". Everyone would ask why he didn't have a collar and I would say "cause me and him have an agreement and besides he is quite independent" he was your typical cat.

I remember just being woken up by my sister saying " wake up I think the neighbors dog got Papi" (my sister called him papi chulo cause he was a stud lol)I jumped out of bed not even paying attention to my fiance and went to go search for him. I couldn't find him so I stayed with hope that would soon fade when I peeked threw the fence and saw his white paw :( the dog had gotten him and I was completely heartbroken < / 3 the horrible part was that my neighbor knew and wasn't gonna tell me.

I ran in and made my fiance get up and go tell her I wanted my cat so I could bury it. I stood there crying and crying and before he went to go get him he stopped and hugged me and told me he was sorry. He said he was sorry cause he is the one who threw him outside the night before :/ I will miss and mourn my cat forever. I loved him dearly and respected his independence I let him think he had royal status since he was the only one without a collar!!!

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