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Your Kitty
by: Leo's Mom

The pain of losing a beloved pet never really goes away. I found when I lost my Leo, 2 years ago, that there were days I couldn't function, and didn't care if I ever did without my best friend.

One day you will feel a bit less sad, and maybe find another pet to love. I'm sure your kitty would like you to be happy and not hurting.

May God Save All Animals Great and Small
by: Anonymous

My dog of 14 died yesterday. I have PD and will not get another, but I think Patches saved your life. You found each other.

Thank You
by: Lsa

Dear Mary,

thank you so much for writing a comment on my Rufus's diary, your words were kind and comforting. I am so sorry you loss your sweet Patches, as you know I too know your pain, it has been 15 months and 17 days that I had to let my Rufus go to the bridge and its been 4 months and 9 days that my Diana went to the bridge yet it feels like yesterday.

The pain I feel is still so raw, I wish I could tell you that in time it will stop but it doesn't not at all I don't think we ever get over it and I know the pain never goes away I think we just learn to live with it. We will never accept the fact that they are gone, we just learn how to cope.

Please feel free to write me any time I think we both could use a friend to lean on.. My thoughts and prayers are with you and may God bless you and keep you strong, always Lisa

``My Last Hope``
by: R.Singh

Hello Marry,

Your story is so emotional & heart breaking. Now, I must say in this materialistic world nobody is bothering for anybody`s sorrows & feelings as a human being. I think pets are more sincere, honest & loving without any greediness. Their love & affection is so unconditional. They only want your love & food from you. After giving all theses things, they will be always honest & sincere for you. They will never cheat you. They are always become your best friend & good companion too.

They will also share your all sorrows & pain. Above all their love & affection is selfish less.

I too believe that definitely that all our babies are desperately waiting for us in Across The Rainbow Bridge & when we will meet them. They will be very happy & we will never ever parted again. And that will be the one of the happiest day of our lives.

I am living with this hope only.

Thank You,
By Rohini Singh (INDIA)

Patches My Angel
by: MARY

Well, it has been now almost 3 months since I said goodbye to my loving faithful friend and I wish I could tell you I am fine. I still miss her so deeply. I still have my teary days. I look at her innocent face and I hurt so much. Oh how I miss her. I miss things like her bugging me each morning for her num nums. I miss her jumping on me for a pet and attention, I miss her laying on the floor all sprawled out with her back claw in the carpet telling me I want to be brushed, she would do that sort of hook her back claw and sprawled out til she got what she wanted.

I feel so empty and I miss her terribly. I have a husband and 2 grandchildren and a wonderful family, job, but I find myself looking at the glass as half empty instead of half fill. I wonder if the pain ever will go away. I did not realize just what a comfort it was to pet her, love on her, take care of her, she needed me but I needed her more then she needed me. Sometimes I wonder if I am normal, am I losing it? Should I be over it by now? The pain is so real. I feel so lost without my nussy.

By the way I can't get another cat because my husband has never been so healthy. The whole time I had her he loved her too but he had a runny nose and sneezed all the time, he was allergic to her but for me he lived with I have tried to get him to let me have another but it is him or a cat haha.... I know that I am being selfish but I think I could heal if I could channel this hurt into loving another.

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