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Popi and Peyton
by: Janie

Jeri -

Your story of Popi touched my heart so.
Thank you for sharing it. I am truly sorry for your loss. What a terrible tragedy. I think of my Peyton every day still. Something that I do, like stretching out my legs at dinner (for Peyton to climb up) will cause what feels like a stab to my heart. Looking at pictures of him brings tears to my eyes. Animals, when they go, take a piece of our hearts with them.

Your Popi was such a precious gift, and I am so glad he had such a good friend and loving home while he was here. I just want you to know that the pain does ease with time. And now I can picture your sweet Popi and my Peyton running free, without any fears, to their little heart's content!

Peyton and Popi - Chihuahuas Running Free
by: Jeri

My heart is full right now and my eyes are flowing with tears. My Chihuahua was Popi - He displayed so many of the qualities that you mentioned Peyton having ... down to the favorite cuddle spots in bed... right at the bend of my knee in the back or right on my side next to my tummy. I miss those big dark eyes... all that energy... Though he had 4 or 5 doggie beds (one on the porch and four inside the house) that he could use to relax his favorite nap spot was on a piece of my clothing. So I would sometimes "accidently" leave a shirt of sweatpants on the floor beside the hamper. :) The way he would stretch up on my legs and lure me into giving him a bit from my plate from time to time. I had him until 7 days ago. His circumstances were also tragic - He took off running and was the vicitm of an attack by some pit bulldogs. He didnt stand a chance. I don't even have remains to lay to rest. I buried his favorite teddy bear that we played with often wrapped in one of my shirts in our back yard. I miss him so much.

To Lisa on the Loss of her Gizmo
by: Anonymous

So sorry, Lisa, for the loss of your little Gizmo. I can understand how precious he was to you. I am trying to be strong, but I miss Peyton every day. It helps to know there are other people who are trying to cope just as I am. I too have had to put a pet down in the past, and it tore me to pieces. But a sudden death, as it was with your Gizmo and my Peyton, is even harder, I think. We don't know each other, but we share a bond. I hope you can find peace in the healing powers of the sweet memories you have with your dear Gizmo.

by: Lisa

We lost our Gizmo on 4/7 to a terrible seizure. He was a Boston Terrier and so many of the things you described about Peyton were exactly like little Gizmo. He was the runt and only 14 lbs but what a ball of fire and so comical..... I too am dealing with so many feelings I've never had before. It is so painful and I miss him so much - like you said he fit perfectly in the crook of my knees when I sat on the couch. He rested his head on our feet when we sat at the bar stools in the kitchen! He was only 6 1/2 years old and we just didn't have him long enough. We've been through the death of 4 other animals in our almost 35 plus years of marriage but this has been the absolute hardest. I feel like I've lost a part of my body. I'm trying to remember what a great life he had here and am trying to visualize him reuniting with Cody our Lab who we had to put down almost 3 years ago due to age..... they were buds and Cody taught Gizmo so much!

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