Your Pet Loss Stories

'Prey' <3

by Madison

Precious 'Prey' was our family dog since late 1993. She's been in the family just a little longer than me. She was just a "mutt" the most beautiful "mutt" in the world. And she started to become blind and deaf. This started probably around Christmas time (or a little before).

Wednesday August 3rd was the last time I remember seeing her. She has been an outside dog for the last 17 years and hasn't ever run away before. We knew something was up. So we really noticed her not being around by that Friday, because she usually hides out during the day from the heat.

She still hasn't been back home and we have no sign of her or where she could have gone. I've read a lot of places that have said good dogs run away to die, so that's what I believed happened. It feels as if I've lost a sister. A best friend, my best friend. I miss her so much and I know it was her time to go, but I'd do anything just to hug her one more time.

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