Your Pet Loss Stories

'Princess Ellacat Collins'

by Katie
(Wilmslow, UK)

My beautiful girl was 7 years old when she was run over. She was the cutest tabby cat you have ever seen with bright green eyes, the most amazing soft coat, like a teddy bear. She had the most amazing purr and liked to give me a cat kiss when she was in a good mood. She slept on my bed or in the airing cupboard and always waited until I was awake before saying good morning. She loved to help making my morning cup of tea, wrapping any presents and decorating/ climbing up the Xmas tree!!

I got Ella when she was 12 weeks old and she was my best friend, always giving my big cuddles, especially when my dad was ill and then sadly died. She could be really frumpy but I loved her for that and for her mad sprints round the house. It's been me and Ella against the world for so long and I am devastated that she was run over after I moved house. Ella was bonkers, cuddly, independent, a bit nuts but the best cat a friend ever. I miss her so so much. Just want her back.

Ellibellie, I love you so much, I wish you were here for a proper cuddle but above all else I want you to be happy in heaven chasing birds and mice! I am sorry for letting you down and cross at you for not checking the road properly. Above all else though I love you, will always love you and think about you . You will always be my little princess. Be happy gorgeous girl and I really hope we'll find each other again one day. I love you and miss you soooo much.

Thank you for being my brilliant Ellacat and I love you.

All my love forever and beyond my beautiful furry monkey face xxxxxx

xxxxx Mum

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