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by: Anonymous

Thank you for your kind words. He was so active & happy the night before he left me! I thought that someone did something to him. I miss him immensely. If there is a place where doggies go after dying I'm sure he's showing the newbies the ropes!!

by: Anonymous

Pets don't know what being old is. They always have this youthful energy to love and please their owners. Think of the good things you shared together. I bet those are also the memories he took with him to heaven.

Gizmo is okay!
by: Bridget

Hi Annette, I am new here but just saw your story. I am so sorry about the recent loss of Gizmo. When someone takes the time to find an internet site and post a story, you know that the pet was well loved and is missed, as Gizmo was fortunate enough to be.

I just posted a story about my Schnauzer Nicki that I lost last year. She returned to the house the next morning. Really! It isn't posted yet, but read the story when it is. I am not a kooky person, am actually a non-believer skeptic type on everything! If you heard Gizmo bark, it was really probably residual of your friend. They survive death! Nobody really knows what happens to any of us (despite all the religious attempts). We miss them but apparently we will see them again. We just don't understand. They only stay with us a short time here. I am sure that Gizmo is okay. His little body just wore out.

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