Your Pet Loss Stories

'Rest in Peace'

by Megan Rivera.
(Crossville,TN. )

Okay so here is a short story about the last dog I lost. Asteroid was his name, but we called him Aster or Boo-Boo.

Asteroid was my old dog. I got him a little bit after Fido died. I wanted Aster so badly but after I got him I didn't like him so much. We didn't get along, he was more of my moms dog. But he always barked at everything and we both got tired of that so we decided to give him to my sister. It was for the best. She loved him a lot, more than any other dog probably. I was happy with the choice I made.

He was a very hyper dog,like any other dog pretty much. He was very protective of the people he loved and sometimes he was a little mean to them but that's what made him funny. Sadly though my sister no longer has him with her. Like the other 2 dogs he died from the smoke of a house fire.

Aster, you may be gone from earth but you are not gone from our hearts. I still have your dog tag. I will never forget you, ever. Rest in peace on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, and be sure to have lots of fun with Pookie & Bebop.

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