Your Pet Loss Stories

'RIP Gangster'

by Khadejah
(Bridgeport Connecticut)

I love forever my hero thank you for showing grandma a thing or two. I'll never forget you, you really lived up to your name. I wanted to name you Prince but she named you Gangster, it was ok with you so it was ok with me. I miss you so much you're my other half the part of me. I wish you were still here but you're in a better place now my love. A place of peace where I will join you soon when it's my turn to pass I'll cherish your memories you gave me forever and your photo album.

I think about you all the time I'm without you and I dream about you all the time. All the miles that separate us they disappear now when I'm dreaming of your face. I'm now here without you but I think about you all the time. I'll will always remember you will you remember me? I love you forever my baby rest in sweet heavenly peace.

I'm going to move to Fairbanks and start my own kennels nd begin my dream of being a musher and living in a log cabin. I wish you could be there with me I'm going to breed German Shepherds and Rotweilers in my kennel in memory of you my love. I would have anyway because I love those two breeds. I'm going to name my kennel Trail Breaker Kennel.

I love you forever Gangster my sweet little baby rest in peace forever.

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