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by: jean

God bless you, you were an angel to your sweet dog and stayed by him through everything. You and your lovely wife and family gave him a lovely life, now he is over the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you all to be together once again in eternity. You are a good good person,

Love Jean,xxx

Amazing Story of Love
by: Anonymous

My Friend, your story brought tears to my eyes for I'm very much like you when it comes to my dogs ..

It's so tragic that many people can't, don't and refuse to understand the bond between a man and his dog especially one as special as Roscoe was ..

You saved him from a horrible, premature death and gave him a long life filled with affection, and adventure .. How blessed Roscoe was to have you.

What touched me the most is that no matter what cards life dealt you, Roscoe was always a priority and you never left him behind & I'm sure if the roles were reversed, he would do the same for you.

God bless you my friend for giving Roscoe dignity in life and now in death -

Surely God and his Angels have made note of you / your families names and will be there with Roscoe to meet you all when it's your time to enter his kingdom in Heaven -

Rest in Peace Roscoe - You've earned it

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