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Nothing can replace him
by: Jana <3 Ozzy

I too lost my 14 yr old Rottweiler to cancer under the flap of his ear. When I took him to get a biopsy at UC Davis, (supposed to be the best vet center in the US) they hit a nerve and he lost his control of drooling and swallowing. The vet blamed it on the tumor but it happened immediately after he was released from them. NEVER take your animal there if you want good healthcare because they make the students do the little stuff. That shot made his life shortened because he couldn't eat or swallow his food, no hard food, even bacon was too hard to chew. He could no longer hold his ball within ONE day and they blamed the tumor.

My Ozzy Bear was the only person who cared about me and the only comfort I had. My mom is psycho manic depressive and she only made things worse for him because she was screaming all the time, he knew what was going on. I am so mad I let my fiance take my car to work everyday instead of taking Ozzy to the park. I wake up everyday thinking how am I going to get through today? Even if I get another Rottie it won't be him.

I lost my Pomeranian in January 2013 and i saw a puppy at the flea market who looked like him and I said no but I saw the owner a few weeks later and she asked me if I got another dog and I said no but I will take the puppy cos he was a Chihuahua/Yorkshire Terrier. I realized he isn't the same as Smokey at all and has his own way of doing things, I love him but he doesnt fill that hole of loss. But with Ozzy I had him from when I was a child teen and now I'm 27. My Ozzy is my comfort and love and friend and bond but getting another one I can't travel and it won't be him.

I don't know what to do cos my grief is so much worse than most pet owners that lose. I just want to die. I had a dream I saw him and there was all this gold light around him and nothing but gold behind him and I just want to be with him in the gold light. He was so beautiful and his body was beautiful and meaty and his head didn't feel bony and he licked my face and jumped in my arms and I just ran my hands all over him and told him I love him with all my heart and I felt his tumor it was gone he was so healthy loooking and beautiful. German could do the training for police work. But mostly he put his arm on mine when I was upset. Nobody else cares about me not my family or other dogs. They weren't aware like Ozzy. I just want to disappear.

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