Your Pet Loss Stories


by Kathryn
(Great Falls Montana USA)

Sabrina is ten years old and the love of so many lives...

Several years ago my husband adopted her as a small puppy and she become his best friend. A few short years later me and my children came into their lives. In the years to pass she has become a nanny and mommy to us all. Caring for our every need emotional and sometimes physically.

She loves to run and play and mostly have treats. She has her own birthday and gets to open her own presents at christmas. She loves the mountains and her toys and mostly her family which is very large. She has never tired of loving us all. She loves to go bye bye in the truck and let the wind whip through her beautiful coat of hair.

A few short weeks ago she was diagnosed with stage five cancer with numerous tumors. The decision to try some meds and comfort was made as we were not ready to let go yet.

A few days ago, mommy had an errand to run and she wanted oh so bad to go bye bye in the truck. So Mama (me) loaded her up for one last joy ride and head hanging out the window looking so fine experience. Much to my dismay when we returned home the jump from the truck to the ground was more than we could both bear and she broke her foot. On top of the other ailments this was too much for her and us to bear. In the next three days it was so heartbreaking to take away what little independence and pride she had left, and at 85 pounds was extremely hard to get her in and out to potty.

The dreaded decision of sending her home to her heavenly father came and the hour glass through the weekend seemed to sift sooo quickly.

This day is the day that we have chosen to send her home.
The faithful loyal friend and family member we have all grown to love will be missed dearly.

Thank you for this website and all the support and for helping us to send our beloved Sabrina home to Rainbow Bridge.

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