Your Pet Loss Stories


by Sue

I first met Sam when he was about 2 months old. The person that brought him to me (who found my other cat dead after being knocked down by a car) and he told me his owner couldn't look after him. I had no intentions of getting another cat as I was so upset atlosing my first cat, Frankie. A little ginger head appeared from his coat and I fell in love with him instantly. I then went to find a companion, which was Lucy a cute tabby kitten, so tiny.

For the next 14years and a divorce later, we lived happily until Lucy became very ill. I brought her home from the vets to die, which she did within hours. Luckily she died in my arms. I was so distraught I shyed away from Sam as I felt guilty. After a few days I realised we are both mourning the loss of Lucy, so I kept him close and then realised he helped me through the loss of losing Lucy.

Over the next 4 years after losing Lucy, me and Sam became closer and I can honestly say I have never felt such a strong bond with any animal as I did with Sam.

Sam was in good health until he had a series of strokes 18 months ago but he recovered with nothing more than a slight bend in his back legs.
Sam soon stopped going out and I was glad because I could wrap in him in cotton wool and keep him safe. For the last 3 years of his life I treated him like it was his last and gave him every treat possible.

Unfortunately Sam suffered another stroke and stopped eating. The vets said he had a large stomach tumour and he was paralysed down one side but I was told to take him home for 24 hours to see if he recovered. Sadly Sam got worse and it broke my heart to see him suffer and I knew I have to make the final agonising decision to let him go.

I have dreaded and always feared the prospect of have any of my pets put to sleep but I knew it was worth putting myself through the agonising pain to relieve his suffering as it would have been selfish to do otherwise. When the time came I felt like it crucified me to let him go but he died in my arms just like Lucy which I was grateful for.

It has only been 3 days since Sam died and the pain hurts like hell and I miss him so much. I will be picking up his ashes tomorrow, which will be of great comfort as I will be bringing him home.

He certainly left his pawprints in my heart forever.

Sleep peacefully my handsome litle boy xxxx

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