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by: Anonymous

Everyday I can still hear her footprints in the kitchen and it makes me miss her even more. Had a dream a few days after we lost her, I was standing in our kitchen and I looked over at our chairs and there was Sandy standing there. I couldn't believe it she walked over to me and wanted me to pick her up so I did and then I turned to look at my mom wanting to ask her if this was real. It felt so real and then I turned back to Sandy to hold her closer and she wasn't there anymore. It tore my heart in two and then I woke up crying because it had felt so real but then I stopped crying because I know it was her way of telling me she was ok and happy and that she was still with me everday in my heart and memories and then I smiled.

by: Janice

I'm so glad that you stayed with Sandy to the very end. I know being close to you comforted her in her last moments. My dog, Cinder, died 5 years ago & my heart still aches for her. I never married & never had children, so - she was my baby. Just remember, your Sandy & my Cinder will be waiting for us under the Rainbow Bridge when our time comes. Stay strong & God bless.

I feel so bad
by: Rebecca & Whisk

I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Sandy. I know how difficult to make that decision. I had to make that decision too. And it is the hardest thing in the world and my heart still aches. At least we know they are not hurting anymore, and that is what kind of helps me. I know we will see our precious animals again. We need to forever keep the beautiful memories alive in our hearts. I fell so bad for you.

Love & Hugs
Rebecca (and Whisk 1999-2010) >^..^<

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