Your Pet Loss Stories

'Sasha "Our Angel"

by Sabra

Sasha was 11 years old when she passed away this past Sunday June 7th 2009. She was honestly the kindest most gentle dog I have ever known. She would never hurt a fly. I was in 4th grade when we got her and in a way we grew up together.

Earlier this year we discovered she had a heart problem after she began throwing up and very heavy breathing. The vet told us to not let her run around or get very excited because she could have a heart attack. They put her on meds. and we knew it wasn't good. But she began to feel better and become her old self again. She would jump up on my chest and rest her nose on my shoulder it was so sweet. That was her way of loving and she had a lot to give.

My Sister had called me Sunday June 7th to let me know Sasha was not feeling very good and had been throwing up and started her heavy breathing again. They came home from dinner and found her laying on the bathroom floor. She would not look up we offered her her fav. treat she would not eat, we tried to take her outside she would not move. We picked her up and began to take her out to the car all we knew is it didn't matter what it cost we where going to get her help.

My Mother was carrying her out when she screamed for all of us kids to go back inside. My Brother, Sister and I were all crying terribly. Sasha had went limp in my Mom's arms, passed out and blood and fluid was comming from her mouth. It was terrible. My Mom cried and my Dad took her and layed her down in the grass on a towel and tryed to comfort her. We thought she had died then and there.

But I ran to her and noticed a small breath still coming out of her. I said "Lets go now!" I grabbed her and me my Brother and Sister rushed to the hospital. My Sister and I wrapped her up and petted her and kissed her the whole way there. Telling her we loved her. We watched as she gasped for a small breath every few mins. Then we noticed she hadn't took one in a while we knew then and there she was gone. We where so close to the hospital so we took her anyway. Our fears where true, she had passed.

We took her home and buried her in the backyard with her fav. stuffed animal. I honestly have never felt pain like this. I just hope one day I came be at peace with this. I will miss her always.


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